Outdoor Living Spaces Add Value To Your Home
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Outdoor Living Spaces Add Value To Your Home


These are truly challenging times for all of us. We’re all having discussions about how to preserve what we have and still have enough trust to invest in something that you can enjoy every day. 

We wanted to find out if outdoor living spaces would boost the value of a home. So we did a search and here’s what we came up with:

But before you read these excerpts: here’s an email from a client:

Outdoor Living Spaces Help Sell Your Home

“Wayne, good to hear from you. Believe it or not, after all that hard work we SOLD the house and purchased a big new one. We enjoyed our outdoor space very much and it all came out so beautiful. I truly believe the outdoor space helped to sell our home. We sold it two days after listing it and for full asking price!”

And here are some excerpts from the press, backing up the claim that outdoor living spaces add value to your home. 

Outdoor Living Spaces add Value to Your Home

First, here’s an Associated Content article talking about how increasing square footage adds value to your home:

“Outdoor kitchens are becoming extremely popular. When you add an outdoor kitchen, it’s like adding another room onto your home. This is a wonderful way to increase the square footage of your home, especially if you enjoy cooking and entertaining. In the future, homebuyers will be more interested in your home than homes that lack this feature.”

Here’s another snippet, from a This Old House article:

“For example, while a grill and counter space for preparing food are essential, a refrigerator and sink aren’t. But including them can boost the value of your home by helping your outdoor kitchen qualify as a second kitchen. “The increase may equal the cost of the project,” says Pam Young, a Sacramento, California-based designer and founder of Patio Kitchens, which makes outdoor cabinetry.”

And how bout this quote?

“But if you’d like to practically live outdoors, you can really add some value to your house with a second kitchen with all the amenities.”

And finally, if you have any doubt left, here’s an HGTV quote – from Heidi Karpa, a Chicago-based interior designer and kitchen design specialist with the network:

“Outdoor kitchens do increase home value because they add usable space to your home. For years we had heard people talking about bringing the outdoors in – well, this is an extension of that idea, of that flow.”

So there you have it. Don’t take it from us! Take it from our clients and pros across the nation! Outdoor living spaces do add plenty of value to your home – and not just financial value, but in the quality of living they add to your life!