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Thinking About Hiring An Interior Designer? Here Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Pro

Thinking About Hiring An Interior Designer? Here Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Pro

Houston Interior Designer

Hiring an interior designer goes way beyond aesthetics; it’s also about using space in a way that best suits your needs.

After all, home is where we relax, spend time with friends and family and raise our children. A recent study of time use by The Wall Street Journal, in fact, shows Americans are spending more time at home than ever.  So why not make it a space you love walking into and staying in?

That’s where professional interior designers come in. They can get you past roadblocks like time constraints and the intimidation factor of taking on a huge project. With new technology like 3D design renderings and virtual video tours, they can even show you what your new space will look like before it’s built.


Lisha Maxey Houston Interior Designer

Lisha Maxey

“Many people know what they like, but they can’t visualize it all together,” says Lisha Maxey, lead designer for Homescapes of Houston. “This takes away the guesswork, risk and stress – especially when there’s a huge investment on the line. And the homeowner can tweak it all they want, without any change orders, extra cost or a longer timeline.”


There are many incredible benefits to hiring an interior designer — let’s take a look at a few of them here:



Achieve Your Vision — And More

You may have an idea of the styles you prefer and what you want your home to look like, but most people have a difficult time transferring a vision into reality. Without the proper education, training, and experience, the average person simply lacks the expertise to accomplish their desired end result.

Many times, DIY designs and projects tend to be disappointing in the end, or – even worse – cause damage to your home.

“Let’s face it, as easy as she makes it look, we can’t all be Joanna Gaines,” says Maxey.  

Without a trained eye, design projects can actually harm resale value and make you like your home even less. A professional interior designer can make the difference between a project that looks amateur and a sophisticated remodel or interior design.

Less Stress

Who needs more stress in their lives? No one!

This is a major reason why many people put off home improvement projects; because there just never seems to be a “good time” to take on the extra work.

When you hire an interior designer, however, they can take on much of the “mental load,” navigating you through the process so you’re not so overwhelmed.

At Homescapes of Houston, the design process even includes two showroom visits per finishing material, as well as help with the shopping, buying and delivery.

“Today’s homeowners want a personal, collaborative process as well as a full-service experience,” says Maxey.  “Communication is key.”

When you have a question, concern, or idea that you want implemented, no problem! Just call your interior designer and let them take over from there. Less stress is better for your health, your career, and your family!

Feel at Home

Unless you had a custom home built, you probably moved into a house that had been designed and lived in by someone else before you.

Perhaps when you first purchased the home you had big plans for how to “make it yours,” but as time went on the projects fell by the wayside. Or maybe you did some interior updates, but years have passed and styles as well as your personal preferences have changed.

Why continue living in a house that doesn’t feel like your home?

With an interior designer, you can personalize your living spaces to reflect the personality of your family. You can make your master bathroom the gorgeous, relaxing space you’ve always dreamed of. You can modernize your living and dining areas and increase their functionality for your family. It’s your home—why not make it exactly what you want and need it to be!

“People want want works for them and their family,” says Maxey. “They aren’t as married to strict design rules anymore.”

Resale Value

Living Room Interior Design

Another benefit of hiring an interior designer is the financial value it adds to your property.

Home improvement projects, when done well, can increase the value of your home by almost twice as much as the cost of the project.

Keep in mind that DIY projects often don’t add as much resale value to a property.

“DIY designs are sometimes too specific to one individual’s tastes, or are low in quality in a way that can actually decrease rather than increase property value,” says Maxey, also a licensed Realtor® with Keller Williams – The Metropolitan in Houston.  

“A professional interior designer can make sure that the additions and renovations to your house are tasteful and neutral enough to not only please you, but also to attract potential buyers in the future.”

Cost Effectiveness

In addition to increasing the resale value of your home, hiring an interior designer is financially beneficial in other ways as well.


“While some people think avoiding hiring a designer is a way to save money, in reality it can end up costing more in the long run to take on the project alone,” says Maxey.


Interior designers can save you money in the following ways:

  • They know how to stick to a budget
  • They know which features are worth spending extra on for quality and resale value, and which items can be left out or substituted to reduce costs
  • They have personal relationships with vendors and artists through which they receive deals and discounts
  • Time is money! Interior designers know how to keep a project on schedule, reducing the amount of time you’ll be paying contractors and workers. By keeping track of the project, they’ll also free up your time to focus on your career or to work on side jobs to bring in extra income.

Interior Designers in Houston

Tips for Hiring an Interior Designer

Now that you’re ready to find the perfect interior designer for your project, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you start your search:

Interior designer vs. interior decorator. It’s a common mistake to think that these are the same roles, but they’re quite different. An interior designer is knowledgeable in more areas, such as architecture and space functionality, as well as decorative design. Interior decorators, on the other hand, specialize only in aesthetics using factors like paint colors, curtains, pillows, and wall décor. In other words, interior designers design an entire space, whereas interior decorators decorate the surface of an already existing space.


Interview first. Don’t just choose the first interior designer you meet, or one who gives you a seemingly “low quote” over the Internet or phone. Quality interior designers will meet with you for a free consultation to discuss your desires for your project. Try to do this with two or three different designers before committing to one. In the interview, look at examples of the interior designer’s work and discuss your vision for your home or business. Make sure the designer listens to your ideas and seems to get a good feel for your desired style.

Ask for quality renderings. When you interview potential interior designers, ask what kind of proofs and renderings they provide before they start on the project. Ideally, they should create a 3D graphic rendering that they show you before work begins, and edit to your liking. Another helpful visual tool is a virtual “fly-through” video tour of the designed space, which helps you visualize it from different angles.


Quality Interior Designers in Houston

Outdoor Homescapes is an experienced, trusted interior design company that serves the Houston area. Our interior design team will give you exactly the style and functionality you want, from planning the layout to the finishes of your new or renovated space. If you have questions about your project or would like to meet with us to discuss it, Click Here To Send Us A Message 

Homescapes of Houston Wins “Best of Houzz 2018” Award For Customer Service

Homescapes of Houston Wins “Best of Houzz 2018” Award For Customer Service

screenshot best of houzz 2018 profile pic with graphic markups

Homescapes of Houston is proud to announce we’ve won the Best of Houzz 2018 award for customer service!

This is the fourth year in a row we’ve won this prestigious award from Houzz, the world’s largest platform for remodeling and home design.

“This award means the world to us, because it’s based on the number of positive reviews your business has received in the past year,” says Homescapes of Houston owner Wayne Franks. “Many thanks to our clients, design team and construction crews for giving us this win for the fourth consecutive year.”

The 12-year-old Houston interior design and remodeling business was chosen by the more than 40 million monthly unique users that comprise the Houzz community, from among more than a million active home building, remodeling and design industry professionals.

The Best of Houzz designation is awarded annually in three categories: Design, Customer Services and Photography. Design award winners’ work was the most popular among the more than 40 million monthly users on Houzz. Customer Service honors are based on several factors, including the number and quality of client reviews a professional received in 2017. Architecture and interior design photographers whose images were most popular are recognized with the Photography award. A “Best of Houzz 2018” badge will appear on winners’ profiles as a sign of their commitment to excellence. These badges help homeowners identify popular and top-rated home professionals in every metro area on Houzz.

“The Houzz community selected a phenomenal group of Best of Houzz 2018 award winners, so this year’s receipients should be very proud,” said Liza Hausman, Vice President of Industry Marketing at Houzz. “Best of Houzz winners represent some of the most talented and customer-focused professionals in our industry, and we are extremely pleased to give them both this recognition and a platform on which to showcase their expertise.”

Please feel free to browse all our beautiful interior design and remodeling projects – plus review of our work, at:  at:





Houston Interior Designer Goes Mid Century Modern With Condo

Houston Interior Designer Goes Mid Century Modern With Condo


 Houston interior designer Lisha Maxey of Homescapes of Houston went Mid Century Modern with this high-rise condominium in the city's Museum District. The 1,600-square-foot space hadn't been updated for 40 years. More at

Houston Interior Designer Lisha Maxey took this Museum District condo from the dated, mirrored walls of the 1980s to Mid Century Modern with a gallery look featuring the client’s art collection.

“The place was covered with glued-down, floor-to-ceiling mirrors,” says Lisha Maxey, senior designer for Homescapes of Houston and principal at LGH Design Services in Houston.  “When we took them off the walls, the walls came apart. We ended up taking them down to the studs.”

Here’s a gallery of before shots – it was a mess!

Houston interior designer Lisha Maxey of Homescapes of Houston took this high-rise condo in the city's museum district from a 1980s reject with floor-to-ceiling mirrors to a Mid Century Modern masterpiece. More at

The makeover took six months to complete, primarily because of strict condo association rules that only gave the Houston interior designers very limited access to the elevator – through which all materials and team members had to go.

“Monday through Friday, we could only be noisy from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and if we had to do something extra loud, like sawing or drilling, we had to schedule it with the management and they had to communicate that to the condo owners. So it was just a lot of coordination. But a lot of Inner City Loopers live in these kinds of buildings, so we’re used to handling that kind of thing.”

The client, a child psychiatrist in her 60s, recently moved to Houston from northeast Texas to be with friends. After being widowed three years ago, she decided it was time to let go of the traditionally styled estate that wasn’t really her style anyway. An avid diver who has traveled around the world to pursue her passion, she has amassed a large collection of art from her travels. Downsizing to 1,600 feet and wanting to go more contemporary, she wanted the display – and the look – more streamlined.

“She wanted clean lines and muted colors, with the main focus being her artwork,” says Maxey.  “So we made the space a palette for that.”

Enter the white, gallery-grade paint she chose for the walls: “It’s halfway between satin and flat,” explains Maxey. “It’s not glossy and it’s not chalky – just very smooth and clean.”



Adding to the gallery theme is the satin nickel track lighting with lamps aimed to highlight pieces of art.  “This lighting has no wires,” notes Maxey. “It’s powered by a positive and negative conduit.”

The new flooring throughout is a blended-grey porcelain tile that looks like wood planks. “It’s gorgeous, natural-looking and combines all the beauty of wood with the durability of tile,” says Maxey. “We used it throughout the condo to unify the space.”

After Maxey started looking at the client’s bright, vibrant, colorful artwork, she felt the palette couldn’t stay as muted anymore. Hence the Mid Century Modern orange leather sofas from West Elm and bright green chairs from Joybird, plus the throw pillows in different textures, patterns and shades of gold, orange and green.

The concave lines of the Danish-inspired chairs, she notes, help them look beautiful from all the way around – a key to designing spaces for loft living.

“The table in the living room is very interesting,” notes Maxey. “It was handmade for the client in 1974 and has a signature on it from the artist. She was adamant about including the piece, which has all these hand-painted black-and-white art tiles on the top. I took one look at it and said ‘It’s not really going to go.'”

However, after cutting 6 inches off the bottom and making it look a little distressed, the table ended up being the perfect complement to the sofas:

Houston interior designer Lisha Maxey of Homescapes of Houston went Mid Century Modern with this high-rise condo in the city's museum district. More at

The dining room table – from Design Within Reach – is a solid piece of mahogany, the chair upholstery a mix of grey velvet and leather and the legs a shiny brass. “The side chairs are leather and the end ones are velvet,” says Maxey. “It’s a nice textural mix that lends depth and texture.”



The galley kitchen, meanwhile, has been lightened and brightened, with new, white contemporary cabinetry, quartz countertops mimicking the look of Carrara marble, stainless steel appliances and a velvet green bench seat for a punch of color.



The two bathrooms have been updated with contemporary white vanities and vessel sinks and the master bath now features a walk-in shower tiled in Dolomite white marble (the floor is Bianco Carrara marble mosaic, done in a herringbone pattern):

HomePixPro-32 (1)


In the master bedroom, Homescapes of Houston knocked down a wall between two smaller closets with swing doors to make one large walk-in closet with pocket doors. The closet in the guest bedroom also came out 13 more inches.



The client’s artwork throughout personalizes the space and tells the story of a life. There’s a huge bowl of shells from the client’s diving adventures, framed art from her child psychiatry patients  and a 16th century wood carving from a monastery that’s been in her family forever.


“Her collection is quite impressive,” says Maxey. “There’s even a framed piece of autographed songs written by John Lennon.” (You can see this black-framed piece of art on the wall in the photo above of two green chairs).

“We’re extremely happy with how the project turned out, and so is the client,” says Maxey. “No expense was spared for her. It was a labor of love and we were excited to do it.” 

Hurricane Harvey Insurance Claims: How to Navigate Your Way Through

Hurricane Harvey Insurance Claims: How to Navigate Your Way Through

For Houston homeowners who survived Hurricane Harvey, insurance claims are the next big storm on the horizon. Here, Wayne Franks, owner of Outdoor Homescapes of Houston walks through a flood-damaged property in Bellaire documenting building materials, finishes and furnishings to make sure the homeowner is fully reimbursed by the insurance company. More at


For Houston homeowners dealing with flood damage from Hurricane Harvey, a second ominous storm looms on the horizon – dealing with insurance.

“I’ve talked to 15 to 20 people just this week about this very issue,” says Outdoor Homescapes of Houston owner Wayne Franks, who’s been walking street after street piled high with debris.  “Everyone’s got sheet rock removed from the lower 4 feet of their walls. Everyone’s had their flooring removed. Their homes are destroyed, their lives and routines are turned upside down – and now, they also need to deal with insurance, too.”

Concerns abound on the part of homeowners, from how long it’ll take to actually get reimbursed by insurance to whether the insurance company will short them on what they’re owed. Compounding the worries is a law just passed by 

So Wayne offers these tips to help you navigate your way through the claims process, and make sure you get fully reimbursed for your property. If you don’t have flood insurance, there are tips for for you, too.

Hurricane Harvey insurance claims are the next storm on the horizon for Houston homeowners with flood-damaged property. Outdoor Homescapes of Houston is helping people navigate their way through the process with insurance claim analyses of building materials, finishes and furnishings. More at

Do your homework

Gather as much information as you can about the damaged property. If you can’t find receipts or documentation for building materials, finishes and furnishings, local design-build experts can be help you be as specific as possible in your claim, and help make an insurance adjuster’s notes as specific as possible.

For instance, explains Wayne, who’s offering $300 off an analysis when a homeowner decides to renovate and rebuild using his services: “I’ve seen adjusters write down “tile floor” when it’s really premium-grade travertine, or “baseboards” when it’s stacked exotic hardwoods, or “granite countertop” when it’s a 3 cm thick custom slab with bullnose edging – which costs more than standard edging.”

These are the kinds of details that, if not properly documented, you’ll end up paying the difference for. So it helps to have an expert on hand who can represent your side in an insurance claim, just as the adjuster represents the insurance company.

You also need to do your homework when hiring those professionals. “Yes, there’s a shortage of labor right now, and you may be desperate to get something done,” says Wayne. “But your problems will only get worse – and you’ll be out more money – if you hire one of the unskilled, unscrupulous ‘storm chasers’ posing as contractors in pickup trucks.”

Hurricane Harvey insurance claims are the next storm on the horizon for Houston homeowners with flood-damaged property. More at

Don’t assume you’re not covered by insurance

If you don’t have flood insurance, you’re not alone – only 12 percent of people do, according to federal statistics. You may, however, have provisions in your homeowners insurance policy that cover some of the damage. Yes, homeowner policies specifically exclude damage from flooding, but you can call your insurer and find out what water and wind damage you may have incurred that you could be covered for.

You may also have separate wind damage coverage via the Texas Windstorm Association. Those without flood insurance will likely receive some federal assistance depending on the details and nature of the relief package Congress passes. If you haven’t already applied for federal assistance, the quickest way to do that is online at or by phone at (800) 621-3362. But you should know that FEMA grants, which cover temporary housing and some rebuilding costs, are capped at $33,00 and most people receive significantly less.

Hurricane Harvey flooding caused lots of mold in Houston homes, and homeowners are trying to navigate their way through insurance claims. Outdoor Homescapes of Houston helps them through the process with tips. More at

DIY at your own risk 

“Because many of the homeowners I’ve been talking to don’t have flood insurance, they’re trying to save money by fixing the damage and doing a lot of the remediation work themselves,” says Wayne. “Or, they’re accepting help from friends, neighbors or even some of these storm chasers. And in the process, some people are making dangerous mistakes.”

One of those mistakes is assuming something is dry when it really isn’t.

“You need to get a moisture meter, which can detect the presence of moisture under what looks like a dry surface,” says Wayne, noting such meters are only $40 at Home Depot or Lowe’s. “Anything above 16 percent – you’ve still got a problem.”

The other problem? Using bleach to kill mold. “Bleach doesn’t completely kill mold on every surface,” explains Wayne. “It’s fine on nonporous surfaces like glass, tiles, bathtubs and counter tops. However, it cannot completely kill mold growing in porous materials like drywall and wood.”

Instead, you need to use a microbiological agent specifically designed to kill mold, like Concrobium, which Outdoor Homescapes of Houston has been using in its water remediation projects. A gallon jug costs $32 at Home Depot.

“You survived Hurricane Harvey and the flooding – you’ll survive the insurance process, too,” says Wayne. “We’re just glad to be able to help in whatever way we can.”









Dealing With Flood Insurance? Houston Homeowners Turning To Us!

Dealing With Flood Insurance? Houston Homeowners Turning To Us!

Dealing with flood insurance, Houston? Don't settle unless you talk to design-building professionals who know materials, finishes and furnishings! They'll make sure you get the FULL amount back for your property damaged by flooding from Hurricane Harvey! More at

In trying to submit claims for their flood insurance, frustrated Houston homeowners (like the owners of this destroyed property in Bellaire) are turning to us for our insurance claim analysis!

“I’ve been talking to homeowners needing remodels since the flood, and watching as insurance adjusters write down ’tile floor’ when it’s really expensive travertine or marble tile, or ‘2 cm granite countertop’ when it’s really 3 centimeters,” explains Wayne Franks, owner of Outdoor Homescapes of Houston.

“People have spent years making their house a home, and they’re already dealing with that loss – not getting the full amount of their investment back shouldn’t be an added stress,” he continues. “We want to advocate for them – trying to get them their home – all of their home – back through their Houston flood insurance claim. Because you know on the other side, the adjuster is representing the insurance company.”

Houston homeowners dealing with Hurricane Harvey insurance claims for flood damage need someone representing their side of the story to the insurance company. Read more at

Outdoor Homescapes of Houston’s interior design-build professionals are perfect for the job, because they KNOW building materials, finishes and furnishings! “From what I’ve seen so far, the insurance adjusters just don’t have that specialized knowledge,” says Wayne. “So we can talk to them before they draft a final settlement offer, or we can look at the final settlement offer and recommend corrections.”

At the Bellaire water restoration and remodel project pictured above, for instance, Wayne made sure to speak with the insurance adjuster, suggesting changes.

Houston flood insurance claim? Don't settle until you talk to Outdoor Homescapes of Houston! Here, a crew member uses a moisture meter to see if there is wetness underneath the tile. More at



“I met with the insurance adjuster on site before the claim was filed, noting that even though the tile floor looked dry, we used a moisture meter on it (see above picture) and it was still quite wet underneath,” says Wayne. “He also thought the tile was porcelain, but it was really travertine – which is more expensive.

Wayne also made sure to tell him that, because the lower counter cabinets had to come out (because the water had been 20 inches high), that the insurance company should give the homeowners credit for the granite countertop, because granite can often crack when you take out the cabinets.

Don't settle on your Houston flood insurance claim until you get an insurance claim analysis from design-build professionals like Outdoor Homescapes of Houston. They can recommend changes to an insurance adjuster whose notes on your building materials, finishes and furnishings aren't specific enough to get you the full reimbursement you're owned! More at

The adjuster agreed with Wayne on these changes, and also agreed that the granite countertop (see above) was a centimenter thicker than he’d noted and had a bullnose edge on it that cost more than a standard edge.

“These things add up,” notes Wayne. “And we’re glad we can help people out in this way.”

That’s why Outdoor Homescapes of Houston is offering $300 off their insurance claim analysis when Houston buy design services from them for their post-flood remodel. 

Interested? Just contact us online!

Or give us a call! (713) 569-1341






Houston Flood Damage? Get Full Amount Back With Insurance Claim Analysis!


Flood Insurance Claim Process

Did your Houston home flood in 2017 and you want to make sure you’re reimbursed the full amount for your property?

Did you need to remodel anyway?

Take care of both, with our insurance claim analysis of damaged building materials and decor! It’s complimentary when we do  post-flood remodeling or redesign work in your home. If you’d just like the analysis, the cost will depend on the extent of the work.

“We know building materials, finishes and furnishings, and we’ll be more specific about what was damaged in your home than an insurance adjuster would be,” says Outdoor Homescapes of Houston owner Wayne Franks. (Below, you can see his crews repairing drywall at a flooded home in Bellaire, TX).

remodel a flooded home

For instance, in the flooded home Outdoor Homescapes is remodeling now, the insurance adjuster didn’t know that the 1-foot-high baseboards were exotic hardwoods, or that the floor was an expensive kind of travertine. But he did.

“I really feel like we’re able to help people now, by protecting their investment” says Franks. “People have spent a lot of years making their house a home, and if they aren’t properly reimbursed for what they lost, that’s a gap of I don’t know how many thousands of dollars they’ll end up losing.”

Don’t lose out on your investment. Contact us for a building material insurance claim analysis today!




Unique Houston Patio Features Colorful Tile, Wine Trough, Basketball Court

Unique Houston Patio Features Colorful Tile, Wine Trough, Basketball Court

This unique Houston patio features a colorful, detailed-tile "area rug," a "wine trough", minimalist furniture and a basketball court! More info at

The owners of this unique Houston patio didn’t want what everyone else had.

They had a specific vision in mind – colorful, detailed tiles, a more contemporary look, minimalist furniture – all next to an oversized basketball court.

“The client – a professional couple in their 40s with kids – was very sure about what they wanted from the get-go,” says Lisha Maxey, head designer for Outdoor Homescapes of Houston and owner of LGH Design Services in Cypress. “They wanted a truly unique space and were adamant about not using the typical heavy stone that we see a lot of our clients lean towards in outdoor spaces. The finishes made it unique, and we were happy to accommodate them!”

As you can see from the original layout, the existing space included the basketball court, an odd-angled walkway to a detached garage and a basic, narrow, rectangular patio. (Click on any image to make it larger).

“While the patio itself is mid-century modern, we also brought in Tuscany touches on the kitchen island,” says Lisha. “You’ll see the wine trough there and also the hand painted murals. It’s definitely a unique mix, but it works!”

This unique Houston covered patio addition includes painted Tuscan details on a concrete counter, plus a "wine trough." More details at

The area filled with smooth rocks between the basketball court and new patio, she explains, is a French drain. “The client didn’t want gutters on the new roof,” she explains. “They wanted to keep the metal frame for the roofline clean and sleek and not covered up by a gutter system.”

This unique Houston patio features a French drain next to a basketball court. More details on this patio project at

The outdoor ceiling of the new hipped roof extension is pine, stained with Minwax ‘Golden Oak. The modern-looking posts are metal, painted black. Two industrial-sized fans and lots of recessed lighting keep the area bright and cool. 

“The client wanted a ‘rug’ look using the detail tiles, creating a designated area for seating and dining.” says Lisha. “We went through many iterations to get it exactly the size/type they wanted.” 

The outdoor, wood-fired pizza oven is a Forno Bravo (pssst! see our Forno Bravo pizza oven special!) Below it is storage space for wood. 

The outdoor kitchen, faced in ledgestone and topped with a concrete counter, also houses an RCS stainless steel outdoor fridge and wine cooler.

The client was more than happy with the results. 

“We came into this patio project with strong demands and high expectations,” reads the client’s review of this patio project on Houzz. “We had a modern, chic patio in mind and Wayne accommodated our needs. The crew – his tilers, framers, roofers, painters and plumbers – produced excellent quality workmanship and were able to meet those expectations with relative ease.”



Houston Kitchen Remodel & First-Floor Redo – From Blah to “Aaahhh!”

Houston Kitchen Remodel & First-Floor Redo – From Blah to “Aaahhh!”

Houston kitchen remodel by Outdoor Homescapes of Houston. More at

This Houston kitchen remodel and whole-house redesign was nothing less than a time machine – zooming a 40-year-old living space into 2017!

“The kitchen had formica countertops, old wood cabinets, a strange layout and low ceilings,” says Lisha Maxey, lead designer for Outdoor Homescapes of Houston and owner of LGH Design Services. “We basically took it down to the studs to create the new space. It even had original terrazzo tile in the foyer! Almost never see that anymore.”

Here’s a gallery of pics from the project. Click on any image to make it larger:

The new look is all 2017, starting with a pure white maple wood for the new kitchen cabinetry and a 13-foot butcher block island. The china hutch, beam and columns are walnut.

The small kitchen countertop (on fridge side) is Corian. The flooring is solid hickory with a natural stain. The backsplash is Moroccan blue glass.

Houston kitchen remodel by Outdoor Homescapes of Houston - before and after. More at the island, Outdoor Homescapes added a small, stainless steel prep sink and a large porcelain sink. All finishes are brushed stainless steel except for the pot filler, which is copper.

“The look is very transitional, with a hearty mix of antiques the client wanted incorporated and the contemporary open concept look of today,” says Lisha. “The bar stools are actually reclaimed science class stools that my client picked up at a local fair. It was an awesome find!”

In addition to the kitchen, the home’s first-floor half bath, living room and den also got an update.

Outdoor Homescapes also built storage into the space under the stairs and warmed up the entry with custom blue and beige wallpaper.

“In the half bath, we used the client’s favorite color, orange,” says Lisha. “We added a vessel bowl that was also found at a fair and an antique chandelier to top it off.”

The paint in that room was textured by running a dry brush vertically while the paint was still wet. “It appears to be wallpaper, but not!” explains Lisha. Outdoor Homescapes also used black/white custom tiles in the bath and laundry room to tie it all in.

Lisha used antique pieces in the laundry room with a custom black/white porcelain floor. To open up the wall between the old kitchen and living room, we had to install a 26’ steel I-beam to support the second floor. It was an engineering feat! Took six men to get it into place!

“The client – an empty nester couple – had already done their upstairs remodel and they knew the first floor would be a gut-out,” continues Lisha. “The home was in very poor condition prior to the remodel, and everything needed to go. Basically, wife told husband, we either do this remodel or we sell the house. And Mr. inherited it from his Mom, so it has sentimental value to him.”

Lisha loves how original it turned out, noting the refreshing department from the usual all-white kitchen with black/white flooring, Carrera marble or granite countertops and subway tile. “The clients were open to mixing up styles and working with me to make it come together,” she says. “I think there’s a new excitement in mixing the decades and finding a way to allow clients to hold on to treasured antiques or special pieces while incorporating them in a more modern space.

Her favorite area is the large island.

“I love that they will spend holidays and regular days around that space,” she says. “It’s just so welcoming!”

Some more “before” pics of the former kitchen and rest of the house: 

screenshot fox before pic lamp in bare room screenshot fox family room before screenshot fox kitchen before 4 screenshot before fox vanity area screenshot fox kitchen redo before 3 screenshot fox kitchen redo before 2


And here are more “afters” of the rest of the house:




Outdoor Homescapes Wins 2017 Best of Houzz Award

Outdoor Homescapes Wins 2017 Best of Houzz Award

best of houzz 2017  reviews page

Outdoor Homescapes of Houston has won the 2017 Best of Houzz Award for customer service!

That’s three years in a row now for this prestigious award, based  on the number of positive reviews on Houzz – the world’s leading platform for home remodeling and design!

2017 best of houzz ServiceThe 10-year old outdoor living and interior design firm was chosen by the more than 40 million monthly unique users that comprise the Houzz community from among more than one million active home building, remodeling and design industry professionals.

“We’re proud to have won this award three years in a row,” says Outdoor Homescapes’ owner, Wayne Franks. “When you receive an honor based on what customers think of you, the proof is really in the pudding there.”

The Best Of Houzz is awarded annually in three categories: Design, Customer Service and Photography. Customer Service honors for 2017 were based on several factors, including the number and quality of client reviews a professional received in 2016.

A “Best Of Houzz 2017” badge now appears – along with the Best of Houzz 2016 and 2015 badges – now appears on winners’ profiles, as a sign of their commitment to excellence. These badges help homeowners identify popular and top-rated home professionals in every metro area on Houzz.

“We’re so pleased to award Best of Houzz 2017 to this incredible group of talented and customer-focused professionals, including Outdoor Homescapes of Houston,” says Liza Hausman, vice president of Industry Marketing for Houzz. “Each of these businesses was singled out for recognition by our community of homeowners and design enthusiasts for helping to turn their home improvement dreams into reality.”


Outdoor Homescapes of Houston Now On Home Advisor

Outdoor Homescapes of Houston Now On Home Advisor

Outdoor Homescapes of Houston is a member of Home Advisor! Their profile can be seen at this link:

Outdoor Homescapes of Houston is pleased to announced we’re now on Home Advisor!

Being on Home Advisor means we’ve passed the home improvement help website’s stringent screening process. This involves third-party criminal and legal background checks and verifications that our business is licensed and in good standing with the local community.

Outdoor Homescapes of Houston is a member of Home Advisor. That means they've passed the home improvement help website's strict pre-screening process. Outdoor Homescapes of Houston' Home Advisor profile can be seen at this link:

“We decided to join Home Advisor because it makes finding a reputable home improvement pro in your area much easier,” explains Outdoor Homescapes’ owner, Wayne Franks. “With the site’s list of pre-screened and customer-rated local service professionals, you never have to worry about shoddy work or a contractor disappearing.” also offers tools, products and resources for home improvement, maintenance and repair. To get quotes from three pre-screened pros in your area, simply type in what kind of services you’re looking for in the “Find Pros” box, then enter your zip code. Or, choose a service type category under ProFinder in the main menu.

The pros will quickly contact you with estimates, and you’ll also see the average cost for such services in your area (from their “True Cost Guide,” also available via the main menu). That way, you’ll know if each quote is on-target.

Once you’ve chosen a pro, be sure to check out their profile page for photos of their work. Check out our Home Advisor profile.

“We’ve done our homework, and Home Advisor is a trusted name in the home improvement community,” says Franks. “We’re very happy to be a part of it, and that we’re able to offer our clients one more tool to make their outdoor living project as easy as possible.”