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Outdoor Homescapes has been integrating RCS grills and appliances into its Houston outdoor kitchens, patio covers and other outdoor designs for years.

Here are some highlights from the RCS catalog:

UL Approved Outdoor Rated Fridge

Outdoor Rated Fridges

Product code: REFR2

304 stainless steel

LED temperature controls

Storage: 5.6 cubic feet

Weight: 108 lbs.

Dimensions: 34.84″H x 25.04″W x 26.26″L

Pricing: $899 to $999

Optional Stainless Steel Trim Kit (RTR2): $99

Right-Hand Swing Door Liner For REFR1 Fridge

swing patio fridge

 Product code: SSFDLR

Price: $149


UL Approved Outdoor Rated Ice Maker

outdoor rated Ice Maker

Product code: REFR3

 304 stainless steel

44 lb. per day production

26 lb. storage capacity

Reversible door

Adjustable cube sizes

Overall dimensions: 14.6″W x 23.6″D x 33.15″H

Cutout dimensions: 16.5″W x 24.2″D x 34″H

Price: $1,799 to $1,999

Optional Stainless Steel Trim Kit (RTR3) $99

Stainless Steek Sink

Stainless Steel Outdoor Sink

Product code: RSNK1

Complete with valve kit

Single faucet

Strainer and hookup included

Dimensions: 15″ x 15″

Price: $119 to $139

Infra Red Burner for all RJC Series Grills

 infrared Burner

Product code: IR2632

Price: $99 to $129

Stainless Horizontal Drawers

stainless steel horizontal drawers

Two Drawer

Product code: RHR2

More than 20″ deep 

Overall Dimension: 30.125″W x 6.25″H x 10.5″D

Cutout Dimension: 32″W x 8.875″H x 20.5″D

Price: $299 to $359

Three Drawer

Product code: RHR3

More than 20″ deep

Overall Dimension: 46″W x 6.25″H x 20.5″D

Cutout Dimension: 47.875″W x 8.875″H x 20.5″D

Price: $389 to $459

Triple Vertical Drawers

stainless steel patio drawers

Product code: RTD3

Price: $399 to $459