Why Work With A Professional Designer?
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Why Work With A Professional Designer?


Outdoor Patio Professional DesignerWhy work with a professional designer when it comes to outdoor living spaces?

Here are a few reasons:

A planned approach

Let’s face it: Most of us never have enough money at one time for everything we’d like to do. That’s why we supply you with an overall master design and a PLAN! This way, you’re able to install various components over time. If you go this route, elements are broken down into manageable steps that are easier on you – and your wallet! 

We sell design, not inventory

We’re designers – not contractors looking to sell off our inventory by advertising “free design services.” Contractors that aren’t professional designers may not only try to force a design on you that doesn’t look the way you want – it may not meet your needs.

Our projects are an extension of your existing home

We make sure your outdoor living space doesn’t look like an “add-on.” Instead, our materials are chosen to match the existing elements of the house. When we design a covered patio, we also make sure the architecture style and roof lines blend in with the rest of the house.

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