8 Mistakes to Avoid With Outdoor Living Space Designs
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8 Mistakes To Avoid With Outdoor Living Space Designs

Posted by Lisa Lynch on 2/10/2014


Outdoor living spaces designs, especially those involved outdoor kitchens and covered patios with roof extensions, can be easy to ruin. See which mistakes to avoid at

Outdoor living space designs, especially those involving an outdoor kitchen and enclosed patio, can be easy to ruin. Knowing which mistakes to avoid is key.

Outdoor living space designs are the stuff dreams are made of, with features like covered outdoor kitchens, firepits, natural stone features and state-of-the art grills.

Too often, however, these dreams get crushed. Contractors disappear. The space isn’t functional. And what was supposed to be a haven is now a huge headache.

We’re all too familiar with these situations here at Outdoor Homescapes – since we’re the ones called to make it right! Here are the top mistakes to avoid with your outdoor living space designs. Avoid them and make sure your dreams come true!

Accepting bad plans

A verbal agreement between a homeowner and a contractor isn’t enough when it comes to outdoor living space designs. You should have a plan drawn out – not just a sketch on a piece of paper. Scaled drawings with dimensions are a must, as are graphical renderings. Also make sure the contract matches the scaled drawings.

Forgetting about utilities

Utilities can make up 10 to 14 percent of an outdoor kitchen’s cost. Make sure you know where the contractor is going to run all the utility lines. Also ask about the cost of moving the existing ones or installing new ones.

Not planning for electricity

Outdoor living space designs usually require at least two to three dedicated 20-amp circuits. These are needed for appliances like the fridge, rotisserie, lights and fans. Very rarely is an existing outdoor outlet enough.

Settling on appliances

You get what you pay for! Visit appliance showrooms to really check out models you’re considering.

Agreeing to a wooden kitchen frame

The frame of an outdoor kitchen should never be built out of lumber. The high heat of today’s grills weakens the wood by causing it to continually expand and contract.

Not checking references

Make sure you visit outdoor living space designs similar to the one you want before starting yours. Ask around, and make sure the contractor has visual evidence they’ve built a similar project.

Allowing salespeople to manage subcontractors

The company owner or a qualified project manager should be overseeing subcontractors. Ask for an organizational chart or a “who does what” list from the salesperson.

Not planning for audio/visual systems

Most outdoor living space designs include sound systems with TVs – sometimes multiple TVs.
Get a blueprint plan for audio/visual systems. You may have to hire an AV company. Also, make sure you don’t run the speaker wires near the electrical wires, as this may cause a buzzing or humming sound through your speakers.


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