Patio Kitchen Plans: High Tech Meets Rustic Style In Houston
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Patio Kitchen Plans: High Tech Meets Rustic Style In Houston

Posted by Lisa Lynch on 5/26/2015

Patio Kitchen Plans: High Tech Meets Rustic Style In Houston

Today's patio kitchen plans - like this one by Outdoor Homescapes of Houston - seamlessly blend high-tech, modern outdoor cooking appliances with rustic, naturalistic textures and design styles. More at

Patio kitchen plans these days often involve seamlessly blending high-tech, modern appliances  with rustic outdoor design style.

And as you can see, this outdoor kitchen by Outdoor Homescapes of Houston pulls it off perfectly.

“A smart patio kitchen plan requires not only a balance of the new and old,” says Outdoor Homescapes owner Wayne Franks, “but a blending of new outdoor elements – like an outdoor kitchen – with the existing home and outdoor living features like a pool, hardscaping or landscaping.”

In this case, explains Franks, the existing 25-by-15-foot pool featured a craggy edge of moss rock boulders, plus a spa and firepit faced with a rough Scabos splitface travertine. “The overall look was rustic and naturalistic,” says Franks, “so we of course wanted the new outdoor kitchen island to match.”

This patio kitchen plan by Outdoor Homescapes of Houston features rustic, naturalistic textures, like a pool with a craggy edge of moss rock boulders and a firepit and spa faced with Scabos split face travertine stone. More details on this project at

Hence the 14-foot-long outdoor kitchen island with a raised bar, also faced in the Scabos splitface travertine and topped with a Normandy granite countertop. The hardscaping around it is Kool Deck® textured concrete.

“People used to shy away from busy textures in outside patio kitchen plans, but now they’re embracing them,” notes Franks. “They’re increasingly attracted to the beautiful imperfections and irregularities of nature – there’s more of an authenticity and character to them.”

Now, for the high-tech part: A Traeger wood pellet grill. Traeger grills are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to infuse amazing, rich flavor and for their versatility (they can grill, bake, smoke, slow cook, braise and barbecue).

Sophisticated patio kitchen plans - like this one by Outdoor Homescapes of Houston - seamlessly blend high-tech, modern outdoor appliances with rustic, naturalistic outdoor design motifs. More at

This premier model, the Memphis Pro 304, features 562 square inches of cooking space and a three-in-one cooking system (high-temperature grill, low-and-low smoker and true-convection-oven roasting and baking). It also has an intuitive Intelligent Temperature Control (see the display panel to the left of the grill) that can be set for cooking and internal temperature. A programmable food probe tells you when the internal temperature is reached and drops the grill down to a programmed lower temperature to keep the food warm till serving.

The dual-fan convection system, with reliable metal blades, circulates heat evenly for tender, juicy results. Double-walled and sealed construction of 304 stainless steel allows for optimum heat retention and consistent temperatures in all weather conditions. A direct-flame “flavorizer” insert delivers the added flavor of a seared finish.

Outdoor Homescapes also added a mount sink with a custom oil-rubbed bronze faucet by Moen and the following RCS stainless steel accessories: a pull-out trash door, a countertop trash chute, dual horizontal grill utensil drawers and a swing-out storage door.

“At first, you’d think all this technology and the smooth, modern stainless steel would fight with the rustic look of the rough-faced stone in outdoor patio kitchen plans,” says Franks. “But it actually provides some visual rest from all the rugged textures and busyness.”

Serving a similar function is the smooth, polished Scabos travertine tile used for the pool coping and firepit ledge.

“It’s a perfect environment for the client to entertain business associates,” says Franks. “He’s very happy with the old-meets-new approach, and so are we.”

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