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4 Houston Patio Designs for Football Season

4 Houston Patio Designs for Football Season

 This Houston outdoor kitchen design has become a huge hub for watching football on TV outdoors during football season. This tropical themed cabana by Outdoor Homescapes of Houston features a flat-screen mounted to a cross-beam with an outdoor kitchen, bar and grill.  More Houston outdoor kitchens by Outdoor Homescapes at

How ’bout this for an outside kitchen design idea: Houston outdoor kitchen designs with TVs for football season?

After all, outdoor living spaces always become huge hangouts when the game’s on. Cold drinks, hot steaks off the grill and catching the game with friends are all more fun in the shade of a covered outdoor kitchen or patio.

But a cabana with a TV, outdoor kitchen, bar and grill – like the one shown above – is just one of many designs you can choose.

Here, we’ve got four more football-season-friendly Houston outdoor kitchen designs you’ll like – from family-friendly digs to straight-up man caves. All these covered outdoor kitchens were designed and built by Outdoor Homescapes of Houston – which, by the way, is offering a football season special: Free outdoor TV installation ($800 value! Interested? Contact us for details!)

Want a complete walk-through of one of our

This Houston outdoor kitchen design features a TV for football watching on end and an outdoor kitchen, bar and grill on the other. More Houston outdoor kitchens by Outdoor Homescapes of Houston at

Outdoor kitchen for football and family

The large, 55-inch flat screen TV in this Houston outdoor kitchen design allows you and your guests perfect sightlines to the TV while you’re taking care of food and drinks and they’re watching the game.

The TV and comfy seating are in a 12-by-8-foot outdoor living space with a custom audio-visual cabinet faced with Western Austin Limestone (components, remotes and DVDs are hidden behind the stainless steel doors at the bottom). Behind this outdoor living room is the L-shaped, 8-foot-long outdoor kitchen island with a built-in commercial grade RCS grill and outdoor refrigerator and an outdoor icemaker. The counter’s raised back also creates a bar where stools can be added for additional seating.

When not in use as a football-watching hangout, this Houston outdoor kitchen allows the kids to watch movies and TV on one end while the parents entertain guests on the kitchen-and-bar end.


This Houston outdoor kitchen design offers the ability to watch a football game from the hot tub or comfy chairs. It also has an outdoor refrigerator built on the side of the outdoor kitchen island facing guests, for self-serve cold drinks. More outdoor kitchens by Outdoor Homescapes of Houston at

Backyard kitchen with accessible fridge

This Houston outdoor kitchen design not only offers football game viewing from the built-in hot tub, but easy access to cold drinks and food.

“In this case, we put the outdoor refrigerator on the exterior of the adjacent outdoor kitchen island so guests can get drinks for themselves,” explains Outdoor Homescapes of Houston owner Wayne Franks. “Usually, all the appliances are built into one side of an outdoor kitchen island – the side facing the host – so they can fetch drinks for guests if needed. And usually, the setup also enables guests to get drinks themselves if they want. But the placement of this kitchen actually created a barrier to the fridge, so we put it on the outside of the island to make it easier for everyone.”


 This Houston outdoor kitchen design features a flat-screen TV for watching football and an ultra modern industrial look. More outdoor kitchens by Outdoor Homescapes of Houston at

Outdoor kitchen meets man cave

This Houston outdoor kitchen features a huge 55-inch flatscreen TV, slab concrete table, stainless steel walls and a killer e790 Echelon Fire Magic commercial grade grill. It’s about as manly as an outdoor kitchen can get. And why not? In the Saber Grills 2014 Outdoor Living Survey, 30 percent of male homeowners said they’re solely responsible for decorating decisions in their outdoor space. And just over half (53 percent) of outdoor decorating decisions are made by men among first-time homeowners.

And – since this homeowner likes to play sports as well as watch them – this yard also has volleyball and basketball courts. Players can cool off afterwards with drinks, thanks to the built-in refrigerator and icemaker. Meanwhile, pizza made in the outdoor pizza oven or wings, ribs and burgers from the grill can be kept in the warming drawer underneath the grill.

Check out this video of the football-friendly Houston outdoor kitchen project:




Summer kitchen that goes beyond summer

This Houston outdoor kitchen is perfect for catching the football game  – especially when the weather gets colder. Super comfy cushions and pillows warm up this space functionally and visually. And a built-in fireplace below the TV adds extra heat in the coldest part of winter.

“As you can see, a football-season-friendly outdoor living space isn’t just limited to your typical man cave,” says Franks. “After all, this is a multifunctional space usually getting used by an entire family. This may also be the room where Mom holds her book club, the kids watch movies with friends or the couple entertains some business clients.”

The outdoor kitchen counter to the right also has a bar where stools can be pulled up for extra seating.

QUESTION: Which football-friendly Houston outdoor kitchen do you like best? Post a comment and let us know!

You can also feel free to browse our Houston outdoor kitchen pictures on Houzz. Or, if you’re ready to get started with your own Houston outdoor kitchen project, just contact us!



Houston Modern Outdoor Kitchen: Heavy Metal

Houston Modern Outdoor Kitchen: Heavy Metal

 This modern outdoor kitchen in Houston features a metal roof with I-beam construction, stainless steel walls and appliances and a concrete table, floor and backsplash. More outdoor living space designs by Outdoor Homescapes of Houston at

This modern outdoor kitchen in Houston pulls off the industrial look perfectly – especially with its I-beam metal roof design!

This 400-square-foot, triple-ribbed, trapezoidal metal roof – and its grey, galvanized steel I-beam – proved to be the perfect outdoor living space idea. “I mean, what’s more industrial than an I-beam?” asks Outdoor Homescapes of Houston’s owner, Wayne Franks. “It also matched the metal roof on the existing house, and we always want to make our Houston outdoor living spaces look like an original part of the home.”

Here’s a better view of the I-beam construction:

A metal roof with I-beam construction completes this modern outdoor kitchen by Outdoor Homescapes of Houston. More at

In addition to the metal roof, the use of concrete and stainless steel help complete the look of this modern outdoor kitchen. The table, floor and backsplash are concrete and the walls roof, and appliances steel. 

“An ultra-modern outdoor kitchen calls for ultra-modern appliances,” says Franks. “So we outfitted it with a full line of stainless steel, commercial-grade Fire Magic amenities.”

Here’s a better view of all the appliances:

This ultra modern outdoor kitchen in Houston features a full range of Fire Magic stainless steel appliances: an e790 Echelon grill, trash and warming drawers, refrigerator, icemaker, sink and storage. More Houston outdoor design projects can be found at Outdoor Homescapes of Houston's website at

In addition to an e790 Echelon Fire Magic grill, these components included a power burner, warming and trash drawers, a range hood, sink, icemaker, fridge and storage. Balancing out the ultra modern look, however, is a beautiful, rustic-looking pizza oven.

“It’s faced with a Mountain Valley natural stone,” explains Franks. “The stone matches  an exterior wall of the house.”

A modern outdoor kitchen by Outdoor Homescapes of Houston was designed for this ultra modern Houston home. It included a pizza oven faced with stone matching that found on these exterior walls. More outdoor living spaces by this Houston outdoor designer at

For an even closer look at this modern outdoor kitchen project, here’s a video tour by Franks:

“The client is a prominent Houston homebuilder in the Memorial area of Houston,” explains Franks. “They found us on the web, saw our projects and felt we could do the best job matching the ultra modern architecture of their house. I think it turned out pretty great, myself.”

Picture 003 (2)

The warm, red tones of western redwood balance out the cooler tones of the concrete and stainless steel, he continues. Stained with a clear polyurethane to show off the color, the wood can be seen in the tongue-and-groove boards on the 10-foot-high ceiling. Redwood boards serve as facing on the kitchen cabinets, too.

This modern outdoor kitchen, of course, also includes a 55-inch flat-screen TV mounted to the pre-existing stainless steel wall with perfect sightlines to the concrete slab table. (Outdoor Homescapes is offering a special promotion right now: free TV installation when you have your outdoor kitchen, covered patio or other outdoor living space project designed and built by us. Interested? Just contact us!)

“And since the house is on a hill above the outdoor kitchen, we’re actually pumping the water from the sink back up into the house to the sewer,” says Franks. “That’s pretty neat.”

Question: What do you think of this ultra modern outdoor kitchen in Houston? What would you add or take away? Post a comment, and let us know – we’re always looking for feedback and opinions!

Or, if you’re interested in your own outdoor kitchen in the Houston area, just contact us! We’ll be glad to help you get your project started!

Also – feel free to check out our modern outdoor kitchen projects on Houzz!



Houston Designer: Fall and Halloween Outdoor Decor Ideas

Houston Designer: Fall and Halloween Outdoor Decor Ideas

photo 3

Looking for fall and Halloween outdoor decor ideas? Outdoor Homescapes of Houston has ’em!

After all, outdoor living in Houston is a year-round affair! The fall arrangement above is from one of our Houston covered patios. The sunflowers and dried flowers in a rust-colored vase work perfectly for autumn when paired with lanterns, a rustic wooden bowl of dried botanical spheres. Distressed, weathered wood – as seen in the console table here from Restoration Hardware – is also a good choice for fall and Halloween outdoor decor.

Here are some more ideas for 2014:


screenshot avignon cast iron lanterns restoration hardware

Hang lanterns – like these from Restoration Hardware – from tree branches with LED flameless candles in them for a spooky, yet sophisticated effect!


screenshot zinc finials restoration hardware

These garden finials  from Restoration Hardware look good year round in outdoor living spaces – but provide a nice Gothic look for Halloween decorating on your patio or porch!


screenshot janus et cie orange outdoor living color scheme

Fall or Halloween décor doesn’t have to mean a graveyard look or cheesy inflatables. You can work in the theme with color – as seen in this Janus et Cie outdoor furniture collection with orange-colored throw pillows and a matching tray.




2014-09-25 17_46_02-Outdoor Laboratory Cart _ Pottery Barn

 Of course, if you want to have a little fun with a spooky theme, we really like this “outdoor laboratory” cart from Pottery Barn. Perfect for the mad scientist!


 2014-09-25 17_55_37-Battery Operated Fire and Ice Lantern - Grandin Road

 What about these black-and-orange “Fire and Ice” Lanterns from Grandin Road?

2014-09-26 13_50_39-17 Outdoor Halloween Decorations - Halloween Yard and Porch Ideas - Country Livi

And here’s an easy way to change up your patio planters for Halloween – theis bottle-gourd scarecrow idea from Country Living!




Houston Outdoor Kitchens – A Concrete Idea Of Style


Houston outdoor kitchens have gone modern - like this one with poured-concrete countertops and a dark-stained pergola (Minwax Jacobean). More at

Among our Houston outdoor kitchens, this one is unique because of its concrete countertops, pergola with stucco wrapping and custom storage.

It’s a vast improvement. Just check out this “before” picture!

 This is a before picture of a Houston outdoor kitchen project with concrete countertops, a dark-brown pergola and custom storage by Houston outdoor designer Outdoor Homescapes of Houston. More at

 “It’s not one of our biggest covered outdoor kitchens in Houston,” says Outdoor Homescapes of Houston owner Wayne Franks. “But it’s unique, and it looks really nice, too!”

This client, a young family, wanted an outdoor kitchen with a more minimalistic, modern look, explains Outdoor Homescapes senior designer Lisha Maxey.

“They’re both doctors and very much attuned to detail,” she says. “Their primary goal was to create a space where they could lounge while the children played as well as an area to entertain family and friends while cooking and dining outside.”

Like a growing number of people wanting small outdoor kitchens in Houston, this client expressed interest in using concrete as a surface material: “The look is contemporary and is easily paired with any type of outdoor furniture – from wicker to teak to iron.”

Here’s a closeup of the concrete countertops. You’ll notice that they’re glossy and smooth like glass, thanks to special sealers and a topcoat of UV-resistant resin that prevents the countertop from yellowing.

Houston outdoor kitchens with concrete countertops, like this one by Houston outdoor design firm Outdoor Homescapes of Houston, have a minimalistic, modern look. More at

Since these particular clients lean toward the minimalistic side of contemporary design, she continues, “the standard granite countertop of many Houston outdoor kitchens would not work, since it typically has a lot of movement and can be busy.”

Lisha sees the use of concrete as a growing  outdoor design trend for Houston outdoor kitchens: “It’s easy to maintain and again, leans towards a more modern look for outdoor.”

All the furniture and lighting is from Restoration Hardware, says Lisha, who’s offering $500 in free outdoor furniture consultation services as a special promotion right now. (Interested? Contact us!) The dining and lounge chairs are from the Antibes collection in cast aluminum with a bronze finish. The table is a Belgian Trestle weathered concrete and teak round. Simple track light was used on the pergola in keeping with the minimalist look of the space:

This image of outdoor track lighting by Restoration Hardware goes with a blog post on a Houston outdoor kitchen with upscale outdoor furniture, concrete countertops, custom bench storage and an espresso-brown pergola. More at

The pergola is a treated pine, stained  a Minwax Jacobean, which appears almost black. “This client chose a pergola over a roof extension off the house because they wanted it to still seem light and airy in their outdoor space for their young children,” explains Lisha. “They wanted a certain degree of sun and shade protection, which a pergola does provide, but they wanted it to seem a bit like a park for the kids to play in.” 

“The seating/storage bin was not a part of the original design,” says Lisha. “As the project progressed, the client expressed interest in some sort of chest for the new outdoor furniture cushions to be stored in.”

The design for the storage bin was developed to accommodate this request: “It eventually evolved into a seating area as well. And to keep the look consistent with the new kitchen, it was agreed that the stone be carried through the design. The wood top was necessary so we could design a hinged access for storage.”

Looking for ideas and inspiration? Check out our pictures of Houston outdoor kitchens on Houzz!

Holiday Patio Decorating Ideas for 2014

Holiday Patio Decorating Ideas for 2014

 Holiday patio decorating ideas include running a length of evergreen garland along the length of the counter of your outdoor kitchen, as shown here in an outdoor design project by Outdoor Homescapes of Houston. More at

Looking for holiday patio decorating ideas for 2014?

Here are some ideas from Outdoor Homescapes of Houston’s patio design projects:

Decorating your patio for the holidays or Christmas in 2014? Here are some ideas from Houston outdoor designer Outdoor Homescapes of Houston. More at

If you're looking for holiday patio decor ideas, here's one from Houston outdoor designer Outdoor Homescapes of Houston: run a garland of greenery along the length of your outdoor kitchen island, and add some candles or lanterns. More at

Holiday patio decorating ideas for 2014 include running a Christmas garland along the length of a decorative shelf, as shown here by Houston outdoor designer Outdoor Homescapes of Houston. More at

Houston Patio Design – Watching Football On TV

Houston Patio Design – Watching Football On TV

Houston patio design is increasingly incorporating outdoor TVs and other audio visual equipment for watching football on TV during football season. More at

In the fall, Houston patio design often centers around allowing clients to watch football on TV outside.

So much so, says Outdoor Homescapes owner Wayne Franks, that patio designs in Houston with outdoor audio-visual systems are an extremely popular choice at this time:  “Clients wanting outdoor media systems – especially for watching football in fall – have doubled in five years.”

In fact, Franks would say eight out of 10 Houston patio design customers now want an outdoor TV, with football game watching a major motivator.

That’s why Franks is offering a special promotion to those wanting Houston patio design with TV. From now till the end of football season, get your outdoor TV installed for free ($800 value). If you’re interested in this special offer, just contact us!

So, what do you need if you want a Houston patio design to watch football on TV?

Here are three essentials from Franks. Also feel free to check out our Houston patio design pictures on Houzz!

Houston Patio Design – 3 football-friendly tips

Houston patio design trends for 2014 and 2015 include outdoor TVs for watching football outdoors or weatherproofed indoor TVs - often with outdoor heating like a fireplace as the season grows colder.

Big, weatherproofed TV

The larger the screen the better, says Franks, because people are viewing it from farther away outside. Houston patio designs are also going to need an outdoor-rated TV or a weather-proofed indoor TV.

“I personally don’t advise paying for an outdoor TV, since they typically cost more than $4,000,” says Wayne. “An indoor TV costs about $600 and usually lasts clients about two to three years here. So I just say keep on buying indoor TVs.”

An indoor TV, however, should be placed in a weatherproof cabinet or enclosure – to protect it from dust, moisture and theft. Prefab outdoor TV enclosures start at about $600, although you can make your own out of Plexiglass if you’re handy. “At the very least, patio designs in Houston with outdoor TVs should include some sort of roof to put the TV under,” says Franks. “You should also provide some sort of weatherproof cover for the outdoor TV when it’s not in use, like a grill cover.

Houston patio designs with outdoor TVs for watching football are increasingly incorporating comfy seating like an outdoor sofa with soft cushions for hours of football season game watching. More at

 Comfortable outdoor seating

“When it’s game day, people will be watching football on TV for several hours – sometimes with multiple games in a row,” explains Franks. “This means your patio design should include an actual couch or wide chairs with cushions – not just a few plastic patio chairs.”

If you’re looking for the right outdoor furniture, Outdoor Homescapes’ patio design team can help. In fact, we’re offering a limited-time special promotion right now – $500 off all outdoor furniture consultations. (Interested? Contact us.)

 Patio design in Houston is often increasingly incorporating outdoor TVs, outdoor media centers and other outdoor audio-visual systems for watching football on TV. Such spaces also include outdoor heating like fireplaces, fire pits and outdoor heaters for game days during winter. More at

Outdoor heating

“In Houston, it starts getting cold in November,” says Franks. “But long before that, people start using their fire pits, fire places and portable heaters.”

Such fire features, he explains, not only provide extra heat as the season grows colder – they also provide extra light as the days get shorter. Portable propane heaters start at about $80.


Question: If you have – or would like to have a Houston patio design with outdoor TV – what other amenities would you include? Outdoor kitchen? Kegerator? A commercial-grade grill? Comment and let us know!

Sustainable Outdoor Design Gets A Boost in Houston

Sustainable Outdoor Design Gets A Boost in Houston

Sustainable outdoor design is a passion of Ashley Allen's. Allen is the newest Houston outdoor designer at Outdoor Homescapes of Houston. More at

With the addition of a new, up-and-coming designer to our team, we’re now offering sustainable outdoor design services in Houston!

Houston outdoor designer Ashley Allen was added to the Outdoor Homescapes team in September 2014 by owner Wayne Franks (pictured here). More at


Ashley Allen, an-award-winning, young Houston designer with loads of sustainable outdoor design experience under her belt, just joined Outdoor Homescapes this week. And she’s already hitting the ground running with fresh, smart ideas.

“Ashley is definitely an important addition to our list of outdoor living design services in Houston,” says Outdoor Homescapes of Houston owner Wayne Franks. “She has an impressive background and portfolio that touches several areas where we design and build.”

Senior designer Lisha Maxey is equally pleased:

“I feel strongly that if any business wants to grow, new and creative ideas must be introduced,” she says. “How better to achieve that than to hire a current design student whose specialty is green design – focusing on recyclable and sustainable products?” More and more, she explains, consumers – including Outdoor Homescapes’ clients – are demanding sustainable, responsible products and practices.

“With Ashley in place, our customers are happy, our business grows and the world’s a better place,” says Lisha. “What’s not to like?”

Ashley, for her part, is eager to be putting her design talents to work outdoors in Houston.

Outdoor Homescapes of Houston's senior designer Lisha Maxey (pictured here) was joined by designer Ashley Allen on the Houston outdoor design company's team. More at


“I’m very excited about joining the team,” says the 25-year-old interior design student just finishing up her studies at the Art Institute of Houston. “I’m not only passionate about green design, but about repurposing local materials and using local artisans – so I’m happy to be offering these choices to clients.”

Sustainable outdoor design, she explains, isn’t just a warm and fuzzy concept for tree huggers. It also offers many practical benefits: “The cheaper cost of many reclaimed or renewable materials can often make outdoor design projects in Houston – or anywhere else – less expensive,” she notes. “Plus, you’re designing and building something in a way that’s going to last a lot longer and require little to no replacements or maintenance.”

Ashley’s also working on other design projects in Houston. One’s the renovation of a commercial space in the city to make way for a pizza kitchen. Another is the design of an outdoor “beer garden” concept at a bar named Wooster’s due to open in October 2014. (The image at the left is lighting created by local artists called ReCoop; the center image is a wall at Wooster’s made of reclaimed wood from razed Houston houses).

Ashley’s awards and credentials are impressive. She served as an outdoor designer for Restoration Hardware in Houston, for one. She also won first place in an American Society of Interior Designers contest in Houston (beating out 30 other local designers) for the sustainable outdoor design of a community center (bottom right image).

Realistically, Ashley realizes sustainable outdoor designs might not be for everyone – and has no plans to force it on anyone.

“I’m just here to offer the knowledge and help people make smarter choices,” says Ashley, who will be helping with design planning, whether or not projects are “green” or sustainable. (Specifically, her responsibilities will include design collaboration, luxury outdoor furniture procurement and placement and assistance with the selection of finish materials.)

“Many people just don’t realize that they can save money by using LED lights or energy-efficient outdoor appliances,” says Ashley, “or that by using reclaimed materials, they can pay less and get a look that’s unique.”

In Houston, for instance, since many older homes are being torn down to make room for new construction, many of the materials can be pulled from those homes and used for sustainable outdoor living space designs. Wood, for instance, can be used for building arbors or pergolas and glass can be crushed up and used for backsplashes and countertops.

Outdoor designer Ashley Allen of Outdoor Homescapes of Houston says green outdoor design offers cheaper, more durable materials - like this reclaimed glass counter and backsplash. More at

“Ashley brings both a confidence and a down-to-earth mentality to our organization,” says Lisha. “Clients will easily be able to discuss current trends and trust that she’s on the cutting edge of what’s new and now. As they say, knowledge is power, and Ashley has the knowledge to lead us in a very powerful, new direction.”


Question: What do you think of sustainable outdoor design? Do you – or would you – use it for an outdoor living space design? Post a comment! Let us know!

You can also find more sustainable outdoor design images on Houzz!


This Houston Covered Patio is Perfect for Football Season

This Houston Covered Patio is Perfect for Football Season

This Houston covered patio by Outdoor Homescapes of Houston is perfect for watching football on TV outdoors during football season. More at

Take a look at this Houston covered patio! Isn’t it the perfect place to watch football on TV in fall?

“In my opinion, this outdoor living space contains the essentials of a great football season hangout,” says Wayne Franks, co-owner of Outdoor Homescapes of Houston.

These basics include:

  • A large-screen TV
  • A large coffee table for holding drinks, food, remotes
  • An outdoor kitchen nearby for streamlined cooking and serving of food (no in and out of the house)
  • An outdoor refrigerator for easy access to cold drinks
  • Buffet-style serving off the outdoor kitchen
  • Lots of comfy seating
  • A heater and fireplace for extra heat and light going into cooler weather (this gas fireplace has vents that shoot the heat straight out into the room)

This 400-square-foot covered patio in Houston is perfect for watching football on TV outside. More at

“You also want to allow enough space for good traffic flow,” adds Wayne. “You don’t want it to be too crowded.”

This is where a Houston-area covered patio designer like Wayne is so important. Whenever he designs a covered patio in Houston, he knows how to seamlessly integrate proper space planning with beautiful design – so the space looks and functions the way the family wants. For a proper TV viewing height and distance, the TV was placed atop the gas fireplace insert. (The fireplace and wall go up about 5 feet high, and then the TV is built into the 6-foot-high section of wall above that).

Speaking of outdoor TVs — from now until the end of the football season, Outdoor Homescapes of Houston is offering free installation of outdoor TVs (an $800 value).

Those interested in the promotion can contact us for more information.

 “Another important point to consider is that this still needs to be a versatile space – good for football fans and non-fans alike,” continues Wayne. “This client, for instance, was a big football guy and so this covered patio was set up for football season. But he, his wife and two young kids also wanted a year-round space for family time and movies, so there’s plenty of visual and functional softness built in.”

Houston covered patios like this one designed and built by Outdoor Homescapes of Houston offer shade and heat protection for outdoor TVs used during football season. More at

“Softness,” he explains, is not just a literal, tangible thing achieved with cushions, throw pillows, area rugs and throws. It also comes from the organic forms of plants, the curving lines of the wicker sofas and the decorative spheres in a bowl used for decoration. “Every space needs curving or imperfect shapes and forms to offset the hard lines of manmade materials.”

Even  the “hard lines” that come with all the outdoor structures that have given “hardscaping” its name can be balanced out with the use of natural materials. Stone – with its uneven edges and rustic, natural appeal – is an overwhelmingly popular choice for Houston covered patios. The stone used here on the fireplace, walls and outdoor kitchen island is Austin Western Limestone.

Houston patio covers like this one by Outdoor Homescapes of Houston offer the ideal spot for watching football on TV outside in fall. More at

Houston covered patios also provide shade and heat protection for outdoor TVs, says Wayne. This 400-square-foot hex-shaped hip roof extension also shelters the TV and audio-visual system from rain. “The 18-foot-long privacy wall the fireplace is built into also helps block the light.”

Want your own covered patio in Houston for enjoying football season outside? Just contact us, and we’ll hook you up!

Or, just check out our Houston covered patios on Houzz!



Houston Designer Shares Outdoor Decorating Ideas For Your Patio

Houston Designer Shares Outdoor Decorating Ideas For Your Patio

Houston designer Lisha Maxey says the latest outdoor decorating ideas include distressed finishes (like on this wood console table by Restoration Hardware), seasonal touches (like the late-summer/early fall sunflowers in a rust-colored vase) and accents that invoke a sense of timelessness - like groupings of lanterns, weathered wood bowls and ancient-looking pottery pieces. More outdoor decorating ideas like this by Outdoor Homescapes of Houston at

Outdoor decorating ideas? We have plenty here at Outdoor Homescapes of Houston!

Outdoor décor is important because it allows us to put our own personal stamp on our patio or other outdoor living space design, ” says Senior Designer Lisha Maxey. “It’s what makes this part of our house feel like home.”

So here’s her quick-hit list of outdoor decorating ideas and images. Feel free to look around! Steal an idea or two!

Think “weathered” and “timeless”

Outdoor decorations like these ancient-looking pottery are a popular trend in 2014 outdoor living spaces, says Lisha Maxey, senior designer with Outdoor Homescapes of Houston. More at

“Outdoor decorating accents that mimic cast iron and ancient stone are super popular right now,” says Lisha, noting the pottery above in one of Outdoor Homescapes of Houston’s many outdoor design projects. Cast stone (concrete or another masonry product cast into molds made of real stone) is a more accessible, less expensive option than real stone, she explains. And zinc-coated steel offers a lighter, more rust-resistant version of cast iron.

“Popular outdoor décor objects right now include finials, spheres, trays, candle holders (with LED candles,) pedestals, lanterns and oval bowls or troughs” says Lisha.

Much of today’s outdoor furniture also features this “weathered” look, with distressed finishes and aged-looking patinas.

You can find a lot of this kind of outdoor décor and furniture, she says, via upscale furniture manufacturers like Restoration Hardware and Janus et Cie (Lisha is an established trade partner with both). In fact, Outdoor Homescapes is offering $500 worth of outdoor furniture consultation to each new outdoor living space, covered patio or outdoor kitchen client.

Outdoor decorations that mimic the look of ancient stone are a popular 2014 outdoor living space trend, says Lisha Maxey, a senior designer with Outdoor Homescapes of Houston. More by this Houston outdoor designer at

Outdoor decorating ideas for 2014 include lanterns and candle holders (with LED candles) like these designs by Janus et Cie. More at


 Don’t forget the plants and flowers!

Outdoor decor always gets a boost from the colors and organic, curvy lines of plants and flowers, says Lisha Maxey, senior designer with Outdoor Homescapes of Houston. More outdoor decorations and backyard designs by this Houston outdoor living space designer at

 “The organic, curving forms of flowers and plants soften the hard, straight lines of manmade structures,” explains Lisha. “So your outdoor decorations should definitely include them – even if it’s just a vase of flowers.”

Topiaries (like the ones below from Restoration Hardware) are popular (especially when you want to incorporate a more formal or classical look). So are container gardens, terrariums and climbing vines (the latter is especially great if you have an arbor, pergola or trellis).

Outdoor decorating ideas for patios and other outdoor living spaces include topiaries like these from Restoration Hardware, says Lisha Maxey, senior designer with Outdoor Homescapes of Houston. More outdoor decor ideas from this Houston outdoor designer at

 Celebrate the seasons

Marine outdoor decorations by Janus et Cie.


 “Switch up your outdoor décorating to reflect the time of year or season,” says Lisha. “The idea of summer can be expressed with nautical objects like shells, coral or driftwood, and see-through, airy objects made of glass. Breezy materials like sheers and linen and colors like sky blue and sand also do the job.”

Fall, says Lisha, can be easily brought it with sunflowers, pumpkins, bowls of apples and the addition of more candles and more golds, reds and oranges. Darker accents, heavier materials and more fall-like botanicals (like dried seed pods, grapevine and bittersweet) can be brought in as it draws closer to winter. “Since fall is also grape harvest time, anything involving wine and vineyards will also play well.”

And of course, winter calls out for outdoor decorations like evergreen branches, candles and winter holiday touches. The owners of this outdoor living space by Outdoor Homescapes pulled this off beautifully:

Outdoor decorating ideas include changing it up for each season, as these homeowners did with evergreen boughs and candles in winter, says Lisha Maxey, senior designer with Outdoor Homescapes of Houston. More outdoor decor ideas for your patio or outdoor living space by this Houston outdoor living space designer at 

Go bold with little pops of color

Outdoor decorating ideas include adding pops of color with moveable, changeable "props" like seat cushions, rugs, throws, or even a towel or tote, says Lisha Maxey, senior designer with Outdoor Homescapes of Houston. More at

“Throw pillows, seat cushions, umbrellas, rugs and throws are all ways to make color changeable and mobile,” says Lisha. “You can also change up the hue or shade of upholstery or pillows with slipcovers and cushion covers.”

For instance, Lisha notes how the patio (above) didn’t need a ton of outdoor decoration: “The bright red seat cushions, which echoed the red of the brick and contrasted perfectly with the greenery of the environment, added just the right pop.”

This is another area where plants and flowers come in handy – especially those with colorful foliage coordinating or contrasting with your outdoor décor.

And don’t discount the color of functional items you’re using anyway.

“Something as simple as a beach towel, tote or organizing bin not only adds another shot of color,” notes Lisha. “It it has a way of making the space homey – like it’s actually used by humans – and not like a display room or magazine page.”


Question: What are some of your favorite outdoor decorating ideas? Post a comment and let us know!

Our professional design team would also be happy to help you coordinate your outdoor décor in a new outdoor living space. Interested in getting started? Just contact us!




Houston Outdoor Living Spaces Fun for Football Fans, Non-Fans


Houston outdoor living spaces like this with a TV and bar area are prime real estate for fans wanting to watch the game during football season. High-end covered outdoor kitchen with dishwasher, RCS 30" grill, double burner, refrigerator, sink, bar and trash drawer. Built by Outdoor Homescapes of Houston, an outdoor living space design company in Cypress, TX. More projects like this at

Houston outdoor living spaces like this with a TV and bar area are prime real estate for fans wanting to watch the game during football season.


Houston outdoor living spaces enter a precarious time during football season.

For football fans, this means gathering around the outdoor TV or media center, enjoying the cooler weather without the hassles of watching the game indoors.

For non-fans, however, it can become an extension of life indoors – exclusion from the TV and resident football fans’ time.

Whichever group you’re in, we’ve got tips for enjoying your Houston outdoor living design during football season – whether or NOT you’re a fan!

For fans

“Watching football in an outdoor living space offers many benefits – enjoying the weather, more seating, the kids can play, easy cleanup” says company owner Wayne Franks. “So the  first thing we’d like to do for the fans is offer a promotion to help those who don’t have an outdoor TV get one.”

That’s why, from now until the end of the football season, Outdoor Homescapes of Houston is offering free installation of outdoor TVs (an $800 value).

Those interested in the promotion can contact us for more information.

For those who already have a media center in their Houston outdoor living spaces – or want to install one – so they can watch the games outside, Franks offers the following tips:

  • Make sure the TV is in a shaded area (perhaps under an eave), so you can see the screen better.
  • Invest in an all-weather TV and/or movie screen
  • Put your TV in a weatherproof TV enclosure when you’re not using it.
  • Make sure to provide lots of weatherproof, comfortable seating with a good sightline to the TV screen, (this is why it helps to have a professional outdoor space planner like Outdoor Homescapes).
  • Plan for food and beverages. A nearby outdoor kitchen and grill island (also with a sightline to the TV) comes in handy for grilling up steaks, burgers, wings and hot dogs. This island can also house a bar with stools, an outdoor refrigerator for cold beers and even a Kegerator beer dispenser.
  • Provide for quick bathroom breaks. If a bathroom isn’t easily accessible for half-time pit stops, you can build one into a covered patio:

Houston outdoor living spaces can offer a quick outdoor bathroom break during football season, as shown in this outdoor design by Outdoor Homescapes of Houston. More at

  • Offer nightlighting and pathlighting. At the end of the season, it gets darker earlier, and you’ll want guests to be able to find their way around. Outdoor Homescapes specializes in outdoor lighting and nightscaping systems.
  • Banish bugs. You can defend your space by putting out citronella candles, keeping food covered and hanging bird feeders (since birds eat bugs). Outdoor Homescapes also specializes in MistAway mosquito systems.
  • Provide outdoor heaters when the weather gets cold.

For non-fans

To those who don’t watch football in their Houston outdoor living spaces, Outdoor Homescapes designers Lisha Maxey and Gretchen Kliafas offer the following advice:

“Let’s face it,” says Kliafas. “During football season, our backyard retreats kind of get taken over by the men as they watch football, grill burgers and relax with some beers. Our backyard sanctuaries start to feel more like man caves or sports bars.”

Prevent yourself from feeling sidelined, she says, by planning a girlfriends’ get-together. “You can plan it for the same night, enjoying wine and hors d’oeurves by the pool while the guys watch the game. Or, you can institute your own Girls Night a different night the same week, in which you and your friends get to watch what YOU want and dominate the outdoor media area.”

You can also offset the Guy Factor of your outdoor living space, says Maxey, by adding some feminine touches with outdoor furniture and décor.

“Furniture and accents with organic shapes or curves balance out the hard, masculine lines of a space,” says Maxey. “Soft accents like decorator pillows, drapes and throws will also achieve the same effect.”

Houston outdoor living spaces can have their straight, hard masculine lines softened with outdoor furniture collections offering curves. This is suggested in a blog post by Outdoor Homescapes at

The Ibiza furniture collection by Restoration Hardware offers feminizing curves.

screenshot janus et cie orange outdoor living color scheme

Curved coffee table, decorator pillows and throw by Janus et Cie.


Of course, you may also want to consider just joining the crowd, since NFL statistics show that 40 percent of the football season’s fan base is women. 

“Instead of fighting against football season, you can try to learn more about the game along with your significant other,” says Kliafas. “You never know – you might find a new common interest – or impress him once you’ve gained a little knowledge.”